The Best Marketing Materials for Your Creative Business

So much marketing takes place online, but did you know that some of the best marketing materials for your creative business are actually offline? Tangible marketing items give you a whole new way to advertise your business and they give you a lot of leeway to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for your marketing.

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Why Marketing Materials Matter

We know marketing is important to every business. If you’re only tapping into online advertising, email marketing, and social media, you may be neglecting ways to reach your potential clients offline. Getting your name out in the physical world could mean landing your dream client, making a new friend, even finding a new colleague.

When one of our CB members first moved to New York, she saw a business card for a freelancing company on the ground and that’s how she discovered (and joined) them.

Every cap, mug, or button increases the chance that potential clients will find you.

Trust us, it actually works.

Best Marketing Materials For Creatives

When it comes to deciding on the perfect marketing materials for your creative business, you have so many options. Some are old school go-tos, while others are a little more unique.

Here’s a list of potential marketing materials for you:

  • Candles

  • Playing cards

  • Postcards

  • Business cards

  • Baseball cap

  • Stickers

  • Luggage tags

  • Passport holder

  • Paperweight

  • Phone Cases

  • T-shirts

  • Custom jackets

  • Patches

  • Water bottle

  • Coffee Mug

  • Ceramics

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Budgeting for Marketing Materials

Investment is something you’ll need to consider when planning for your marketing materials. You’ll probably be spending money on the concept and design (whether you hire a professional or do it on your own in a design platform), the materials themselves, and perhaps shipping costs.

When you start the year off, consider these factors during your budget analysis. That is the best time to make your investment decision, if you can. You’ll also want to keep in mind what you can write off when it's tax time.

The investment you make will depend highly on the kind of materials you choose. Postcards and stickers are cheaper options, but if you want something more heavy duty, like jackets and water bottles, you may end up spending more. It’s a personal choice and it should be made to match your business values and your goals.

Make Your Mark with Your Unique Marketing Materials

Having your business name or logo in as many places as possible can make a huge difference. You never know who might see it! Creating tangible marketing materials for your business is something you can have fun with that will also help boost your creative business.

We’re always sharing great ideas like this in our community. Become a member of our Creativity Built Community today!

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