Ten Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Creative Business

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Learning how you can attract more clients to your creative business could have a significant impact on your day-to-day routine. That’s because as a creative entrepreneur, your time gets eaten up rather quickly. Having strategies that draw the right clients to you, rather than you spending endless hours searching for them, will save you time and money.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten ways you can start connecting with potential clients and getting those clients to start reaching out to you. Many of these options don’t cost you anything, and most are accessible, which means after reading this you can get started today.

The return is high on these strategies, especially when you start using a few of them regularly. Implementing them will be totally worth it once you’ve gained some traction and you find yourself completely booked up with awesome, suited-to-you clients.

Attract More Clients to Your Creative Business With These Strategies

  1. Open up a conversation. Whether you’re reaching out to your audience on social media, your website, or even in person, be sure to invite questions, concerns, and inquiries. Not only do they get a chance to get to know you, but you can also look for indicators that they would be a great fit as a client for you. What starts as a conversation could lead to so much more (like signing a contract).

  2. Get great at SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. You know how when you search for something in Google and there are top search results that come up? Put (very) plainly, those sites have been optimized for Google, and that’s why they show up near the top. You can learn more about SEO on Youtube and tweak your site, or hire a professional to help you.

  3. Get clear on who your audience is. Once you know exactly who your audience is, you know what they want and you know how to speak to them. And when you know how to speak to them, you can touch on things that are important in their lives, and use that messaging to pull them in.

  4. Build relationships and partnerships. Your ideal client is interested in other adjacent services and businesses that share similarities with yours. Reach out to those businesses and see how you might support one another. There may be a unique way you can send clients to them, and also them to you.

  5. Meet them where they’re at. If your ideal client is part of Gen Z, Facebook may not be the best place to connect with them over something like Tik Tok. Find your clients on the platforms you know they’ll be on based on their demographics. You don’t have to solely focus your efforts on any one platform, but spend most of your time on the one that will be most impactful for you.

  6. Be consistent with your content. The exposure effect is well known to advertisers, and it means that people tend to pay more attention and lend their likes to things that are familiar to them. Basically, familiarity breeds liking. The more you can be consistent and familiar with your audience, the more they will be drawn toward you on a subconscious level.

  7. Touch on the emotion of your services. There’s a saying in marketing that goes like this: If you can play on their heart strings, you can pull on their purse strings. It sounds cold, but it’s not meant to be. All this means is that people are more likely to spend money on something that connects with them emotionally. In your messaging and your content, consider touching more on the emotional aspects tied to your services.

  8. Ask for referrals. Your awesome clients are bound to know other awesome people. It sounds a little bit scary, but you can absolutely, straight up ask your clients for a referral. In order to do this right, you need to consider your timing. Wait until your service has been provided to them and you reach an opening, perhaps where they’ve said they’re happy with the service you’ve provided. This request could even be sent as a follow-up email, and you could even offer a future discount for successful referrals.

  9. Leverage trends. Get in front of more potential clients by leveraging trends in social media. Using whatever is hot right now and being pushed by social platforms is a great tool that you can use to your advantage. Just remember that it only makes sense if you can do it in a way that still feels authentic to you.

  10. Keep talking about yourself. Rest assured, you are not going overboard or being “too much” by confidently speaking on your business and what you do. You never know when you’ll catch the right person at the right time, whether that’s on social, or on a website or community group, or in real life.

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Implement These Strategies and Increase Your Inquiries

It’s time for you to get noticed by more potential clients so that you can show them all you have to offer. Attracting clients takes effort on your part, but it’s worth it to attract the right people to your business.

So you know how to attract these clients to you, but are you ready for your dream client? Make sure you are 100% prepared for your dream client!

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