Marketing Strategies for Creative Professionals

With creative work, a lot of businesses are built through word of mouth. Although getting referred is awesome, it doesn’t mean we should ignore the other avenues that can boost awareness of our brand and grow our client list.

Marketing Strategy Ideas for Creatives

The first place you might get stuck when it comes to marketing is simply where to start, especially if you’ve never done any marketing before. We’ll share some tips on what you can focus on, but don’t get overwhelmed. You can tackle the ones you feel most comfortable with first, or start by going through them one at a time.

Ways you can approach your marketing strategy include:

Finesse your SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is optimizing your content so that people can more easily find you. If you have great SEO on your website, Google more easily recognizes you. If you've tried with SEO but feel like it goes right over your head (you're not alone), consider hiring an expert.

Reach out. Contact past clients and people you want in your pipeline through emails, DMs, and phone calls to letting them know you are open for business. You can also just touch base and let them know what you're up to so you stay top-of-mind. Automated emails are another great way to market yourself to your audience in an efficient way.

Utilize Pinterest. A lot of creative professionals may not realize this, but Pinterest isn’t just a social media tool. It’s a giant search engine! Pinterest is great for creative professionals because it relies heavily on visuals, which you may already have plenty of. There is more to a great Pinterest strategy than just the image though, so you need to be willing to learn or ready to hire someone to help you if you want to do it right.

Get featured on blogs and podcasts. We would love to believe that if we build it the people will simply come, but it just doesn’t work that way. In reality, a lot of marketing your business is going to rely on you putting yourself out there and spreading the word of what you do. This is when you need to reach out to blogs, podcasts, and other professionals in your industry to ask about being featured. It’s a great way to tap into audiences that haven't been introduced to you and connect with other professionals in related industries.

Google Ads. Google ads are great for marketing because they are so flexible. They work for any industry with any audience at just about any budget. Being at the top of google helps reinforce your brand name to your potential clients. Plus, you get to advertise on a platform where people are intentionally looking for the service you offer, making them qualified leads.

Market Yourself and Your Business

Not everyone feels initially comfortable talking about themselves and their business. But practice makes perfect, so continue to talk about yourself and what you do. The ease with which you do it will come with time. You can always implement small practices too, such as making your Instagram handle as part of your name in a Zoom meeting so that when you’re attending webinars people can easily find you.

How to Market Yourself as a Non-Influencer

Since social media started gaining real traction, a lot of companies have turned towards influencer marketing as opposed to professional photography.

Don’t let this discourage you. Your value as a creative professional is different than that of an influencer. Not less or more, just different.

Influencers sell their influence. Creative professionals weave and sell a story, an invitation to learn more. The right people connect with this message on a deeper level, and this is how the business in turn grows.

If you’ve noticed you’ve been shooting less and you’re starting to feel like user-generated content is taking over, you still shouldn’t let that get in the way of marketing your work. Industries change over time. Remember it’s an opportunity to pivot and fit with the landscape as it stands. Welcome it as a challenge to learn to market yourself in a whole new way.

Make Some Marketing Magic

Of the tips shared in this post, there’s probably at least one marketing strategy that you could get started on today. Reaching out to podcasts and past clients might not come naturally to you, but it gets easier the more you do it.

If you’re intimidated to approach some of these strategies on your own but you’re motivated to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional who can help you take your marketing to the next level. Don’t put it off any longer—make some marketing magic happen!

Speaking of marketing, how about being a speaker on Creativity Built? Let's discuss the particulars. Contact us for more information.

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