Building better client relationships

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As a brand photographer, or any photographer actually, building strong relationships with your clients is a key factor to growth and success in your business. Not only could an amazing relationship with a client result in more work from them in the future, but it can mean referrals for new clients as well!

When considering about how to foster strong client relationships, using the following tactics can be extremely impactful:

  • Under promise and over deliver.

  • Add value to the client in a way that exceeds their expectations of what they are contracting you to provide.

  • Be consistent.

  • Show up as yourself, 100% of you, and be as authentic as possible.

  • Tell the truth, be humble, be kind.

  • Go the extra mile! Be a partner and collaborator with your client.

  • Find ways to show clients that they matter to you, beyond the money they pay you. You can do gifts, cards, whatever makes sense for you!

  • Own your niche and don’t try to deliver on something outside of your skillset without setting clear expectations first.

  • Set the tone for your relationship: tell your clients what you need from them and what you can offer them to make your relationship successful.

By showing up to serve, you will immediately be set apart as a creative, offering a level of quality and value that will make a big impact on the clients that you work with. Your attitude and mentality affects a lot, so try the tips above in your relationships and see what becomes possible! Any tips missing that have worked well for you? Comment below! And be sure to join Creativity Built to be part of the conversations creating change and standards in the creative industry.

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