Are you ready for your dream client?

In the creative industry, we talk about dream clients, like a lot. To us, a dream client is not only on another level, but in a whole other universe. We aspire to reach them, work with them, even be like them. They are what we dream about, and possibly even a motivating factor for why we do what we do.

However, many may realize that, along the way, they spent more time putting the holy “dream client” on an imaginary pedestal, and not enough time preparing to invite them into their network and actually work with them.

So, let’s demystify the dream client and talk through some essential steps you can take to be ready to do the work for and with them.

How to land your dream client

First off, remember that dream clients may not be big clients, and you might already be working with your dream client. The Nikes of the world would be amazing on your resume, yes, but to us, a dream client isn’t categorized by its size or global status, but by how our values align, if we were fairly compensated for the work we did, and if the work and the relationship is fulfilling.

Sometimes, the smaller and lesser-known clients are the ones you connect and create with more successfully.

Keep your online presence up-to-date. Are all your social media channels, including LinkedIn, up-to-date with your current work and accomplishments? Your digital presence is your first impression these days, and your dream clients are not only more likely to engage with you, but even find you first, when you are maintaining your online voice.

Put yourself forward as a thought leader. Write blogs, publish articles on LinkedIn and Medium, host IG lives and Clubhouse rooms—show up, add value, and position yourself as an expert. You want your dream clients to see you as an authority in your industry.

You need impeccable, stand out business processes, communication standards, and workflows. Your job is to make every client’s life easier, and that starts on your end from the very first email interaction. Here are some essential tools to consider when it comes to building a great client relationship:

  1. Have a badass email signature that includes all ways to get a hold of you, a description of your business or even a small sample of work, and/or exciting updates in your business you want people to know about.

  2. Use a CRM, like Dubsado, to send proposals, contracts, and invoices; get paid; and manage your client’s experience effortlessly.

  3. Set boundaries and communicate with your clients during standard business hours via email or Slack. Slack is a game changer for client communication, so we highly recommend avoiding email for day-to-day project management.

  4. Using a tool like Asana, or old school like Google Sheets, can be a really efficient way to manage projects and make your clients’ feel at ease by your level of organization.

Finally, reach out to your dream clients! Figure out if you know anyone at the company, see who could make an introduction, or just reach out from an authentic place of connection and see where it leads. Remember the value you can bring to the table and get ready to wow your dream clients.

Want to learn more about how to land your dream client, or just grow your creative business in general? Check out our amazing and supportive community of photographers and creatives at Creativity Built!

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