5 steps to creating the perfect stop motion video

Stop motion video created by Wini Lao.

Every month, we host a workshop in the Creativity Built community, on topics covering all things creativity, photography, and business. This month, OG member Wini Lao taught a stop motion workshop! Wini is an incredible NYC based photographer, creating bright and vivid imagery for purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs. She is well known for her stop motion skills, so we had to have her teach us her ways!

So, here are Wini's 5 steps to created perfect stop motion videos every single time:

  1. Develop the CONCEPT for what you want to capture.

  2. Get your TRIPOD and make sure you have CONSISTENT LIGHTING.

  3. Capture everything slowly, step by step, by TETHERING your camera or using a REMOTE to trigger the camera.

  4. Use PHOTOSHOP or VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE to pull all your frames together.

  5. Export as GIF for web or MP4 for paid ads.

Want even more info about stop motion videos, from concept, to technicalities, to delivery? Then join Creativity Built, get two weeks free on us, and get instant access to watch the entire recorded workshop!


Did you know that, when used in Facebook ads, video content has a conversion rate that is 20-30% higher than still images? Crazy right? Keep that in mind when pitching video content to your next client.

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